AGROSAN A STORY WITH A SICILIAN SPIRIT Agrosan was set up in 1995 with the aim of delivering genuine handcrafted “Sicilian rosoli” to homes worldwide. The company has grown from small-scale to large-scale distribution but still adheres to its core ideal of traditions and values achieved by selecting and using 100% natural organic products, and adopting simple and refined packaging.

Today Agrosan reflects the quality and features of Sicilian soil and pays great attention to all the productive processes, including the timeless process of peeling by hand.

Agrosan is a real and proper, successful, sentimental journey to revive flavors reminiscent of the past. A journey that set out to accomplish a dream and is driven by Agrosan’s passion for on-going research and development.
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HEADQUARTERS Agrosan Oasis The instinctive decision to build our headquarters in parkland was a natural choice. Our dream was to carry out production in a healthy environment and it came true when we chose the new site that underlines our environmental ethics, our dedication to our products and the passion of the people working there.

The headquarters are in an orange plantation covering about four hectares. They are enveloped in the heady scent of orange blossom, caressed by sea breezes, and immersed in sunshine. We built our headquarters in this natural setting as we are convinced that there is a two-way dialogue with nature.

The 1,100 square meter building faces the sea and houses the various production processes. The offices look onto the beautiful lake surrounded by parkland and the view in the distance frames Mount Etna volcano looming over the entire area.
THE FOUNDERS Sharing a dream In 1992 Alfio And Fabio, the founders of Agrosan, were young university students who shared the dream of creating something together in their territory. A wonderful land bathed in sunshine, steeped in odors and history, a land that needed commitment and energy to drive progress and revival.

Today Agrosan is still committed to its ideals and authentic traditional values and methods. It never forgets traditional production processes but has a far-sighted vision concentrating on research and innovation.

Agrosan is a real and proper sentimental journey where emotions are transformed into progress.
PHILOSOPHY The Culture of Quality Agrosan is committed to creating natural products that bring back recollections of the past, mouth-watering memories of traditional Sicilian rosoli. We select only organic raw materials and use the best parts after carefully peeling them by hand.

Our production is periodically subjected to controls that guarantee absolute qualitative excellence.
TIMELINE Timeline Agrosan WE ARE UNIQUE BECAUSE WE La nostra unicità
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