• Cactus pear
  • Cactus pear Personality: This cactus pear rosolio delivers a lingering, delicately intense flavor and is at its best when enjoyed as an after-dinner liqueur or as a flavorful aperitif. Its smooth taste and its aromatic floral and fruity bouquet envelop the palate. Color: Ranges from bright yellow to typical cactus pear red. Alcohol content: 26% vol. Ingredients: Pure hydrated alcohol, sugar, infusion of cactus pears. Preparation The tasty centers of cactus pears are selected and placed in an infusion for seven to ten days. The mixture is filtered and the pulp removed, and the alcohol left to mellow for at least ninety days until it reaches optimal maturation. The product is filtered again and undergoes a further maturing process before bottling.
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